Three Gardens Film is a Tehran-based production company owned by Pouria Heidary Oureh, who is also a filmmaker.

Three Gardens Film has been produced several successful film projects and has been selected in A graded film festivals around the world, Three Gardens Film is also one of the best cinema technical support companies in the middle east that provided technical support, professional cameras and film equipment to many projects in Iran and worldwide.

Three Gardens Film co-produced films with Iran, Armenia, France, Czech Republic, Italy Serbia, Croatia, Finland  & Qatar.

was born in 1984 in Tehran, Iran. From young age he Oureh Heidary Pouria was interested in visual and performance arts and storytelling, especially through drawings. He graduated from SAE institute of Digital Film in Dubai and advertising from EMU in North Cyprus.

He has worked with several renowned Iranian directors in Iran as well as abroad his home country before moving on to direct his own films. Since then he started to direct his own films

debut feature film “APRICOT GROVES” became the Oureh’s Heidary Pouria most internationally appeared film in the history of Armenia cinema with more than 95 international festival selections and also been the most successful coproduction of Iranian cinema